How Printable Prescription Discount Cards Save You Money

Published April 6th, 2020 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

  HowPrintablePrescriptionDiscountCardsSaveYouMoneyAccording to a recent Gallop Poll, 23% of Americans or 58 million cannot afford the drugs they were prescribed. If you are one of those 58 million then you should obtain a printable prescription discount card. Once you have your card, you can save from 10% to 75%, however the average is 16%. While it may not seem like much, for a $100 prescription, your savings would be on average $16. When you are on a tight budget, even $16 can make a difference.

How Do Printable Prescriptions Work?

  HowPrintablePrescriptionDiscountCardsSaveYouMoneyDrug prices are so high because there are no limits as to what the companies can charge. If the drug manufacturer has exclusive rights to a drug it will charge as much as it can. This is where drug discount programs enter into play. They don’t deal with the companies that make the drugs but negotiate with the stores that sell them. It becomes a win/win situation as you get cheaper prescriptions with your printable prescription card and the store gets more volume of business. The companies that offer prescription discount cards are known as pharmacy benefits managers (PBM). It is their job to set up a network of pharmacies that will agree to accept your discount card.

Why Would A Pharmacy Accept A Discount Plan And Lose Money?

One would think that no pharmacy would want to provide discounted medication. After all, when you use your discount card, they lose money. But do they really? Say you have a prescription that is $100. The Pharmacy pays $60 for this medication so they have a profit margin of $40. Now when the pharmacist tells you it will be $100 and you cannot afford it, so you leave without your prescription, the store sees no profit. But if you have a prescription discount card that you have printed that lowers the cost of the medicine to $80, you pay for the medication and they get a $20 profit and a pretty good chance you will return.

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