How Many Medications Is Too Many?

Published December 1st, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

How Many Medications Is Too Many?Feeling under the weather? At risk of a dangerous condition? There’s probably a pill for what ails you. And that, as it turns out, may be a problem itself.

A large number of people take one or two pills as they start to grow older, usually something to deal with a chronic problem like blood pressure or diabetes. However, as a person enters retirement age, the number of daily pills tends to increase to five, six, or even more. This happens not just because your health tends to decline as you grow older, but also because a patient will visit several specialists, each of whom can hand out pills for various illnesses.

If the only thing these medications did was fix the one condition the doctor prescribed them for, that would be fine. However, drugs tend to bring side effects with them, and side effects can range from mild irritations that fade away with time to serious issues that are still easier to live with than the treated condition. But the biggest problem is the fact that drugs can also interact with each other to create unknown and possibly dangerous side effects, plus the way you react to certain drugs can change depending on your age.

That’s why many medical professionals are now working with their patients on a process they call “de-prescribing.” De-prescribing means taking down a full list of a patient’s current medications, cross-referencing them for side effects and negative interactions, and figuring out whether the patient’s condition still demands every drug at its current dosage.

For instance, certain antidepressants can cause dizziness and moments of confusion as side effects, contributing to falls that can break old bones. You can combat this dizziness with another medication, adding to your medication costs and the number of pills you take, or you can lower your dosage if that’s possible or switch to a new antidepressant that doesn’t make you dizzy.

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