How Do You Enter A Medication Discount Card Program?

Published December 19th, 2019 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

HowDoYouEnterAMedicationDiscountCardProgram?Anyone that needs to buy prescription medication regularly, for permanent issues like a heart condition, or diabetes, for example, already knows that even though the medication itself isn’t cheap, the cost keeps going up. That’s because, unlike temporary illnesses, a medical condition is a lifetime condition and regularly refilling that prescription can get expensive fast.

If you don’t have a health insurance policy that helps with this, the costs can spiral out of control. But a medication discount card program can help you keep costs down.

What Is It?

HowDoYouEnterAMedicationDiscountCardProgram?A medication discount card program is a special offering from different organizations. When you have a card offered by one of these programs, all you have to do is meet the conditions the card has, and, when you go to refill your prescription, the pharmacist will recognize your card, validate it, and apply a discount, so you pay a lower price on your medication.

This is a permanent discount. As long as you have your card, can meet the card requirements, and can present it on purchase, you will always get the discount. Over time, that can mean some big savings. Depending on the card and the discount, it might be 5%, or it might be75% off!

What’s The Catch?

The catch depends on who is running the medication discount card program. One common condition is that the use of the card is limited to a specific retailer. If you join the Walmart medication discount card program, the card will entitle you to many discounts, but only if you buy your medicine at a pharmacy in a Walmart outlet. The same is true for the Walgreen’s discount card. Other cards require people to sign up and pay an annual membership fee to receive the discounts. The Walgreen card, for example, also does this.

There may be other conditions based around your area of residence or income. Some government programs may issue discount cards if you live in the right state, or right city, while others will have qualifying factors such as having an income level below a certain figure.

Research Your Options

It’s important to find the medication discount card program that’s right for you. If you shop for meds primarily at Walmart, then you might only need that card. But if you want a discount card applicable at more pharmacies, look online for more robust alternatives, such as free membership and big discounts.

Published December 19th, 2019 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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