Hope Is A Medicine

Published February 19th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Hope Is A MedicineA number of studies on patients with chronic pain ailments have shown that optimism, hope, and positivity play a large part in actual pain management. The neurochemicals that are released when a person experiences these beneficial emotions actually combine to the same receptors that respond to opiate and other pain reduction drugs. As a result, patients were able to function better, and feel as though there was a better outlook to life.

Studies have also considered the impact of emotion on immune response. Outcomes in these cases have shown that while positivity boosts immune function, negativity also distinctly lowers the response. This can make attitude as much of an intervention as actual drug therapy and other treatment options.


Combination Therapies

In many cases, these findings also work very well in conjunct with drug regimens, especially long-term courses. This is due to the fact that as medication begins to generate physical improvements, the patient also responds positively. As a result, the action of the drug and the positive synergy of emotion and immune response can also help patients stick to their regimens, since the hope of recovery can often aid in mitigating possible side effects.

At USA Rx, we have found that one of the more detrimental factors to a beneficial treatment can be the inability to access the necessary medication. This is frequently due to prohibitively high costs for brand drugs and even the mounting expense of long-term treatment on generics. The outcome is that many patients skip treatment or dosages, which immediately impacts health. The secondary outcome is that there is a loss of hope for recuperation, especially as control over treatment is taken out of the patient’s hands.

The USA Rx pharmacy discount card can restore the positivity and even hope that patients have regarding their journey back to health. Individuals can go online to USA Rx and apply for the free card today, in order to return to a sense of hope and dignity in managing chronic conditions.

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