High Drug Costs Demand Canny Considerations

Published September 10th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

High Drug Costs Demand Canny ConsiderationsIf new drugs can work miracles but cost an arm and a leg, do they really provide a net gain?

Recently, the FDA has approved a new high-cholesterol drug called Praluent, which is designed specifically to remove “bad” LDL cholesterol from a patient’s bloodstream. Praluent shows a lot of promise, but it comes with a massive price tag: $15,000 for a year’s worth of treatment, as compared to generic statin drugs which can fight high cholesterol for under $600 per year. While Praluent may be more effective than statins, it’s seems unlikely that it’s 25 times as good.

Because of the ballooning cost of modern medication, companies such as CVS are reluctant to include many new drugs on their list of covered medications. In this particular case, CVS is waiting for another, similar drug to pass the FDA approval process in the hopes that competition will drive prices down to a more manageable level. The drug’s effectiveness is practically an afterthought considering the massive bill which someone eventually has to pay.

Perhaps the saddest aspect of this situation is that it’s not an exception, but rather the new normal. The cost of new pharmaceuticals is far more likely to start in the five digit range and go up from there than to stick with three or four digits, and no matter how many lives a drug could possibly save, it can be hard to justify that sort of expense.

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