Healthcare Disparities And Causes

Published March 17th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Healthcare Disparities And CausesThe state of healthcare in the nation is a concern that affects everyone, as well being and empowered choices for care have seemed to become increasingly limited with disparities within our culture. At USARx, we understand that all the problems cannot be fixed at once, but we also realize that valid and legitimate solutions for wellness provisions are still a right of every citizen.

Although there are a number of issues that contribute to these differences in quality and access to care, financial concerns are one of the factors that do appear to affect everyone. Affordability in healthcare applies not only to immediate interventions and services, but also to adjunct care, such as drug protocols and medications that may be required on a long term basis.



Re-balancing The Focus

The increased cost of healthcare extends to both services and medications as well, but it is also in looking at causality that people can begin to gain a better sense of reclaiming a personal responsibility for wellness. In some ways, the rise in the financial burden can be seen as a cycle that is further perpetuated through this lack of access.

Prescriptions can be vital to reducing the demands that are put on clinicians and emergency care professionals, since adherence to drug protocols is both a prevention and an intervention measure. However, more than a third of all patients have either not filled a prescription or have cut back on dosage in order to offset the cost of healthcare. Unfortunately, the result of these actions can be higher payments when critical care action needs to be taken for lack of treatment.

Medications play a vital part in wellbeing. Pharmaceuticals can treat, prevent, and even offer remission from chronic and acute ailments, and lack of compliance should never feel like the only option. Regaining a balance on healthcare disparities can be as simple as using a USARx pharmacy discount card to make adherence to drug protocols a viable option. Signing up for the savings card online is easy and there is no cost or qualification. This helps to level the playing field in regards to taking personal responsibility for health.

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