Healthcare Demands In The Business Setting

Published March 26th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Healthcare Demands In The Business SettingOne of the more prominent aspects of the Affordable Care Act is the expectations that it sets on employers in providing health insurance for employees. This can present a challenge both in instituting the changes, and in making decisions about which alterations will be most beneficial to both the company and to the employees.

As the ACA has taken effect over the past year, there has certainly been the need for patience in regards to fully embracing these provisions. As a result, both employers and employees are in a slight state of limbo when it comes to instituting change. However, at USARx, we feel that a simple solution may be the answer to all parties who are facing the demands of healthcare in a business setting.


The Employee Perspective

Although there is a very positive aspect to all employees being able to access affordable healthcare options through work, the transition has also led to some false starts as evidenced through:

  • Minimal work coverage options
  • Limited prescription coverage
  • Lag time for businesses buying in to employee insurance options

This means that while the potential for coverage may be present, many employees are still lacking in fundamental areas of healthcare, especially medication.

While employees in this position can qualify for exemption status based on the actions of their employer, this still does not address the need for medication assistance when the need arises.


The Employer Perspective

For businesses, offering insurance can also include a number of choices that can impact the company as a whole. One of the more recent mandates is that employers need to have some form of prescription plan as an offering, but different tiers will not only influence the company budget, but may also limit the choices that employees have for their medications.

The use of a prescription savings card, such as our USARx pharmacy discount card, can provide a solution for both the business and the employee. Workers who are still between optimal insurance coverage can sign up for the free card and use it with or without an existing plan. Businesses can offer the card as a cost effective means of still providing medication assistance, while also improving the scope of assistance for employees.

Whether you are a business owner who is looking for more options in providing employee health coverage, or whether you are just a person who needs support in affording prescriptions, the USARx pharmacy discount card is easy to sign up for, free to claim, and accepted across the nation.

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