Health Insurance News Shows Major Disparities Between States in Healthcare Costs

Published June 17th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Health Insurance News Shows Major Disparities Between States in Healthcare CostsAs the Affordable Care Act continues to take effect throughout the United States, many people are learning that pharmaceutical costs differ substantially in different states and even different regions of the country.

There are several factors that are driving the disparity in costs, and many of them are outside the control of individual healthcare consumers. So, exactly what’s going on?

Why Do Health Insurance Costs Differ So Widely Between The States?

The governors of each state had the opportunity to accept or reject federal funding to defray the cost of implementing the Affordable Care Act. Likewise, they could choose to expand Medicaid coverage for those state residents with the lowest incomes.

Many states chose to forgo the federal funding or restrict the expansion of Medicaid. These are two of the most visible drivers of differences in health insurance costs between the states, but they do not present the “whole story.”

In some states, companies have restructured payroll and other aspects of business in order to avoid costs of implementing the Affordable Care Act. Naturally, this has a serious effect on employees who might otherwise be covered by employer-based health insurance.

Last, but certainly not least, health insurance enrollment numbers in the different states play a role. In states where younger people were more inclined to enroll in health insurance under ACA, costs are trending lower than in states where they did not do so.

How Do Differing Healthcare Costs Impact Healthcare Consumers?

Healthcare consumers could be in for a big surprise thanks to differences in healthcare. To give just one example, a “Bronze” insurance plan -- considered the most basic plan that meets ACA standards -- can cost more than $200 a month in Florida, whereas a “Silver” plan in California can cost between $8 and $80.

Unfortunately, individual consumers have limited control over the issues that might cause the cost of health insurance to rise. For that reason, individuals and small businesses alike benefit from looking for alternative methods of keeping costs down.

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