Health Insurance Costs Continue To Rise As Benefits Fall

Published October 18th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Health Insurance Costs Continue To Rise As Benefits FallAs the Affordable Care Act continues to reshape the American health care industry, we’re seeing some new trends start to appear as insurance companies try to cope with the fact that they now have to cover people with actual diseases. The two main ideas were to reduce overall insurance costs by having more people pay insurance premiums and for the pressured insurance companies to pressure the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in turn, but in many cases it’s not working out the way people had hoped.

Alaskans Feel The Squeeze

States with low populations and few programs in place to reduce the cost of health insurance are, in some cases, paying more on premiums than on home mortgages. Like in other states, young, healthy individuals still aren’t buying health insurance in the numbers people were hoping for, and states like Alaska have a small population pool to draw on in the first place. As a result, individual plans are in short supply, and the few that are around are extremely expensive. Alaskans can file for an exemption to the tax penalty, but it’s not the same as having health insurance.

Employer Health Insurance Stabilizes Around Deductibles

Premiums on employer-based health plans are at least seeing some positive momentum, with payments going up only 20 percent since 2011 instead of the 30 percent increase from 2006-2011. However, much of that reduction came thanks to the increased use of high-deductible plans, plans that don’t offer much more than a few discounts until the policyholder pays out $1000 or more in health care costs. Companies are compensating for this by paying into health savings accounts on behalf of their employees, but these payments are expected to go down over time.

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