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Health Care Fraud: Only Fools Rush In

Health Care Fraud: Only Fools Rush InThe health care industry in the United States rakes in nothing less than $3 trillion per year, which means it accounts for nearly 18 percent of our total gross domestic profit. And no matter what the industry is, where there’s money, you’ll find people willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get their hands on it. Not only does this mean you have to worry about real health care providers being stingy with their money, but you also have to watch out for companies and individuals who will try to sell you fake or exaggerated health care plans and supplements.  


There’s Always Time To Double Check

The “Limited Time Offer” is the cornerstone of most every kind of con that needs you to buy something. Of course, there are legitimate sales which don’t go on forever and even real health plans only give you around a month to pick a new policy for the coming year, but health insurance schemes operate on a faster time scale than that. You may have only a day or even just a few hours to decide whether or not to sign on, or they may imply the ticking clock by saying that only a few people will be lucky enough to join, so you should sign up right away to have any chance at all.

However, no legitimate health care plan will ever give you too little time to read all the fine print before you sign. You should be ready and willing to check third-party websites for reviews and reports about the service you’re considering before you sign on, and if anyone tells you otherwise then you should be immediately suspicious.  


Nobody Legitimate Wants You To Email Your Personal Info

Another common tactic of con artists is to impersonate a legitimate service you’re already using. Usually it’s an email, but however you get the message it says that there’s some emergency like a data loss and you’ll need to send in your password, your personal information, or even your medical history. However, emails are never as secure as a website can be, so you should never trust an emergency email that expects a direct reply. Even if it forwards you to a secure website, you should double check that it’s at least associated with the service provider’s main web space.

By contrast, USA Rx is in no special hurry to gain your business, and the only information we need is a name and an email account so that we can send you a copy of your pharmacy discount card. Signing up is completely free, too, and we’re up front about exactly what we provide: a discount on prescription drugs both name brand and generic which is accepted by over 60,000 pharmacies in every corner of the US. If you’d like more information, you can email us at [email protected] or call our number at 888-277-3911.

Published October 27th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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