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Published November 28th, 2019 by USA Rx
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GetLowerMedPricesWithAPrescriptionSavingsAppMedicine is one of the great unsung heroes of America. While more obvious science and technologies like rockets to the moon, or guns have had massive, visible effects on society, people often forget that medication prevents hundreds of thousands of needless deaths from occurring every year. Without medicine, child mortality rates would be much higher, and conditions that people have learned to manage for an entire lifetime, like diabetes, could be lethal.

Today, medicine can now do a range of things at different price points. On the affordable side are conveniences like cold or allergy medicine that let us get on with our day with cheap, inexpensive means to suppress symptoms. On the more expensive side, however, are antibiotics that can cure illness, and medications that allow lifelong conditions, such as a heart condition, or diabetes to be managed, and still allow for a high quality of life.

These medications that do more than help us manage colds and allergies are, of course, not that cheap. And while some medications are for temporary illnesses, the ones required for chronic use can quickly add up. If you’re not wealthy or covered by a comprehensive medical insurance program, the price of medicine can quickly outstrip a monthly budget. Fortunately, this isn’t a situation that you have no choice but to accept; there are ways to fight this.

The Pharmacies Answer To No One

GetLowerMedPricesWithAPrescriptionSavingsAppThe most important thing to know when it comes to the retail end of the pharmacy market is that the pharmacies themselves are in charge of their own pricing. No law requires medication in America has to be affordable. Canada, as one example, has laws in place that force Canadian pharmacies to ensure reasonable pricing on medication, which is why insulin in Canada costs about USD$22, while the same formulation sells for $300 in the USA. If the pharmacy decides they can do business that way, that`s exactly how they will run things.

Because of this ability to set prices at whatever level they like, pharmacies in the USA experience a huge variance in the pricing of the same medication. Once a pharmacy does its market research and runs the numbers on their outlet, they can set prices to make whatever profit they think they can get away with. This is why, in an affluent neighborhood, a pharmacy may charge prices 300%-500% higher than other outlets. However, they do this knowing that if their affluent customers have to choose between getting it now at a grossly inflated price or spending a few more minutes driving elsewhere, most of them will decide time is more important than money and pay the asking price.

On the other hand, a pharmacist that operates in a lower-income neighborhood may be an important fixture of that community, with strong bonds in the neighborhood. This pharmacist may decide that it’s more important to have a healthy neighborhood than massive profit, and so charge much lower prices, as much as 25%-50% less than normal retail, to ensure residents get easy access to medication.

In other words, depending on the location of a pharmacy, the price of medicine can vary a lot.

Using A Prescription Savings App

In the past, to take advantage of the savings that could come from shopping at different locations, a lot of research and footwork needed to be done to get a comprehensive set of data for good comparison shopping. You could only find out how much medication costs in other pharmacies if you were willing to put in the effort to research, or, to speed up the process, coordinate with others and share information. Today, things are different thanks to software known as the prescription savings app.

These apps can be installed on your smartphone, and they do the bulk of the work for you. Now, instead of having to call different pharmacies and create your own document with your own pricing data, you can use the prescription savings app instead. All the information you’re looking for such as pricing, pricing differential, and the location of the different pharmacies is already included and regularly updated so that it remains current with the market in your area.

Prescription savings apps are the most efficient way for you to research and save. They can give you the listings for pharmacies in your immediate area, and they can narrow the search for the specific parameters you have, such as the medications you’re interested in. However, it’s important to remember that no one app is perfect. Different apps may list different pharmacies that other apps don’t cover, so sometimes it pays to use multiple apps to get the complete picture of the pricing in your area.

USA Rx Can Help You Save

There are already some reliable apps for you to look at on the market if you’re interested, but there are also new ones always coming to the market, and we’re now proud to add our app to your phone. The USA Rx website is already well known to some pharmacy shoppers for providing a comprehensive discount card that lets people save. Now, we’re complementing this with our prescription savings app that we released to the market on September 11 so that people can save even more.

With the USA Rx mobile app, you get a free piece of software that gives you the ability to search, review, and compare prescription drug prices at leading discount pharmacies in your neighborhood. You can pull out your phone and see the savings right in the palm of your hand. And once you know what’s the best price for the medication you want in your area, you can get even more savings, anywhere from 10-75% off by applying your USA Rx discount card if the pharmacy recognizes it.

So if making sure you spend smartly and wisely matters to you, and you have a prescription for medication, try our USA Rx mobile app, and then get even bigger discounts when you combine with our discount card. It’s the ultimate combination.

Published November 28th, 2019 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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