From Opiate To Okay: New Ways To Maintain

Published September 22nd, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

From Opiate To Okay:  New Ways To MaintainIt can be surprisingly easy to acquire an addiction. All you really need is an activity that gives you pleasure: shopping, gambling, eating, even most hobbies can be taken too far. A drug addiction simply adds withdrawal symptoms on top of the psychological need to seek pleasure and escape from pain and stress. However, even among drug dependencies, there is something unique about opiate addiction.


Cheating Your Mind

Opiates include morphine, codeine, oxycodone, heroin, and opium itself. While ordinarily you would have to do something fun or interesting to feel pleasure, opiates “cheat” by directly activating the pleasure centers in your brain. This property makes them extremely effective painkillers, but it also makes it very easy to become addicted to these drugs.

The biggest issue that comes with overwhelming your pleasure centers on a regular basis is the fact that, over time, your brain builds up a tolerance and it takes more and more of the drug to get the same effect. Not only that, but at the same time it becomes harder to feel pleasure while doing anything else. Opiate withdrawal is also exceptionally dangerous and can even be fatal.

It’s for these reasons that doctors have to be very careful when prescribing the legal opiates, especially over a long period of time. Even if a patient takes them exactly as directed, it’s possible to develop a chemical reliance which may never go away.


Methadone And Beyond

For 30 years, the only good way to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms without making the problem worse was with the drug methadone. However, methadone can be dangerous if mishandled, and so the only way to get it is through regular trips to specially certified methadone clinics, clinics which are sadly few and far between and carry a certain stigma.

Fortunately, several alternatives to methadone have recently rolled out, particularly the drug buprenorphine. These maintenance medications are safer than methadone, and as such certified doctors can prescribe them for home use. These drugs eliminate opiate withdrawal and craving symptoms, and they don’t require daily visits to a clinic that may not be anywhere nearby.

Still, because of this stigma attached to addiction, not every health plan may cover these treatments, and fewer will cover a full year’s worth of medication. However, the USA Rx discount pharmacy card never runs out, and it applies to virtually every prescription drug, whether name-brand or generic. All we need is your name and an email address so we can send you your free card. If you’re a physician who’s running an opioid maintenance program, contact us today at 888-277-3911 or [email protected] to learn how you can become a partnering group and provide our discount cards for your patients.

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