Fighting Fear With Medication

Published March 1st, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Throughout the history of the psychiatric profession, there have been two major categories of emotion that require therapy and/or medication: depression and anxiety. To be certain there are more problems than these, and there are a variety of individual disorders within these two broad umbrellas, but these two tend to be the most common and just about everyone knows what a mild phobia or a bout of tired apathy feels like.

However, while we’ve been using antianxiety medications for a long time now to help treat things like performance anxiety and social anxiety, the anxieties that surround things like phobias and PTSD were until recently considered to be entirely out of reach of medication.

The only treatment plan we knew was at least halfway effective was exposure therapy, which involves forcing a person to confront whatever triggers the fear response until he or she can develop a peaceful, safe memory to oppose the existing fear-connected emotional memory. To say the least, these sessions can be especially harrowing and uncomfortable.

But what if it were possible to remove this fear memory entirely without damaging a person’s ability to remember any event that may have caused it? At the University of Amsterdam, researchers have apparently been able to do just that by combining an existing antianxiety medication with exposure therapy.

They performed their study on a group of arachnophobes, some of whom were exposed to a tarantula, some to the drug, propranolol, and some to both at once. In the last group, the subjects’ arachnophobia faded over time to the point where they could bring themselves to touch spiders without feeling anxious. This is because the propranolol managed to disconnect the fear reaction from the general memory of spiders while it was active. The memory remains, as does the memory of the fear, but the fear itself slowly vanishes.

Studies are already underway to see whether the medication works on other, more powerful conditions like PTSD, and while the results are so far mixed the fact that there’s any hope is practically its own cause for celebration.

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