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Extrapolating The Concept Of Accessibility

Extrapolating The Concept Of AccessibilityProviding quality healthcare has been a driving national issue over the past decade. Even before the current changes for care provisions, concerns about patients actually having access to the care that is required has raised inquiries about best practices. This is especially the case for individuals who may require long term drug treatments or ongoing disease management through pharmaceuticals.

Although many outpatient and municipal public health departments have made efforts to expand health services throughout communities, the presence of medical assistance does not always mean that patients can actually take advantage of this. For most individuals, seeking medical help can often be less about the health issue and more about the costs involved.


Beyond The Examination

At USA Rx, we have found that ongoing or aftercare will often present the greatest challenge for patients. Although the co-pay for seeing a healthcare provider may be manageable, drug costs can still be a prohibitive expenditure. This may become even more of a challenge as many major insurance providers also charge a considerable premium to have drug costs included in the insurance policy.

The result is that even when a patient is able to see their physician, the patient is still responsible for the ongoing costs of maintaining wellness through regular prescriptions. This can become an issue even with acute illnesses, as a round of antibiotics can still become a considerable expense on an already tight budget. The concern becomes that even when patients have access to care, they are not actually able to take the steps in following protocols to rectify the situation.


Necessary Parts Of Care

Pharmaceuticals are as much a necessity in healthcare as the human elements of doctors, nurses, and specialists. However, so much of the focus within the industry has been to ensure that communities have the appropriate care for the needs of that population, that the cost of medication to support that is unable to also meet that demand. As a result, many patients who should be able to recover and regain full function are losing quality of life through the inability to pay for the medications that are required.

The USA Rx card represents a viable means of giving patients the ability to fully complete their course of treatment. The free prescription card does not impact any existing health insurance that a person has, but acts as an adjunct to that coverage. The result is that patients can also find an acceptable way of ensuring affordability for medications, without the concern of mounting medical costs.

For any patient who does not currently have prescription coverage, we recommend that you apply for a USA Rx card today. The process is simple and free, and will allow patients to utilize the access to discounted medicines as soon as the online form is completed. This also ensures that healthcare access is an end to end process.

Published March 5th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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