EpiPens And The Value Of Life

Published September 8th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

A severe food allergy can turn deadly all too easily. With just a trace of the wrong food, the throat constricts, breathing becomes impossible, and the victim only has minutes to get help. It’s no wonder then that so many parents worry about their children’s allergies.

The Lifesaver

Fortunately, there is one medication that can help in these emergency situations, and it’s called the EpiPen. EpiPens are emergency injections of epinephrine, which acts like adrenaline in your body and can counter the effects of severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis. Since it’s so essential to react quickly, many schools carry an emergency supply of EpiPens, and parents of children with severe allergies will often keep one or two at home.

However, EpiPens expire after a year, and so schools and parents need to refresh their supplies annually whether they used the Pens or not. And while that wasn’t much of an issue ten years ago, EpiPens are becoming increasingly hard to afford.

The Price Of Life

In the past ten years, the medication inside an EpiPen hasn’t changed in any significant way, and neither has the device that injects it into the body. However, the price of one Pen has gone from $50 to $600.

So what changed? In the first place, the medication changed hands in 2007, and the new company aggressively marketed its product to allergy sufferers and their families. This by itself hasn’t been a bad thing, and by making EpiPens more popular and more common, it’s very possible that the company has saved lives.

However, back when the EpiPen’s price was $50, the company made a clear profit on every sale, and by setting the price today at $600, the company is asking for more than 12 times that profit. Insurance companies and other medication discounts bring that profit down some, but those with high-deductible insurance plans are often stuck paying full price. Many people are forced to go without them entirely, which is a dangerous situation to say the least.

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