Emergency Kits At 30,000 Feet

Published June 8th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Health care is back on the national agenda in a big way, and not all the bills trying to pass this session are connected to the American Health Care Act. One representative from New York, John Faso, is sponsoring a new bill about changing the required supplies to have on hand in an airplane’s emergency kit.

According to Representative Faso, the last time anyone updated the emergency kit on airplanes was in 2001. Since then, medical experts have developed new first-aid strategies to handle more situations, including liquid painkillers for children too sick to swallow a solid and epinephrine injectors for anyone who has a severe allergic reaction.

Still, not everyone is assuming this bill is going to be an automatic win. There’s a question of how much responsibility the parents should take on and bring in their carry-on luggage, There’s the issue of getting this medication through a security inspection without it getting confiscated, and the fact that the plane’s crew will need to learn how to use these medications correctly.

Training costs money, and so do many of the drugs that would improve a general first-aid kit. This is a problem since the bill doesn’t (at least not yet) subsidize the cost of either expense, which means they will come out of ticket prices instead.

Still, having the right drugs on hand during an emergency can save lives. Depending on the problem, minutes can count, and planes need a lot more than a couple minutes to make an emergency landing. That’s why it can be essential to stock the airplane with lifesaving medication and make sure the paramedics still have someone they can save once they finally reach the plane’s interior. A severe allergic reaction can close off the lungs completely and suffocate someone, so it makes sense to have at least one dose of adrenaline on hand to help relieve symptoms.

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