Drug Costs Are Now America’s Top Health Care Priority

Published December 22nd, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Drug Costs Are Now America’s Top Health Care PriorityAs America gets ready for a new president with a new vision of how the USA’s health care system should work, it’s important to understand what citizens want in terms of reforming the system. In a recent poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Republican respondents were unsurprisingly in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act, but even for them, that was not their highest priority.

Instead, one health care concern managed to be the number one priority for three-quarters of those polled, including Republicans, Democrats, and independent voters alike. For these people, the most important reform was to make high-cost drugs for HIV, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses affordable to those who need them.

In recent years, the high price of certain drugs has made the news and shocked Americans across the political spectrum: there’s the $80,000 price tag on the recent hepatitis C cure, the completely inexcusable price hike of an AIDS drug that made Martin Shkreli famous for all the wrong reasons, the EpiPen cost increases that the public only just noticed, and a newly approved cancer drug named Venclexta has set a new record by demanding $110,000 for a year’s prescription.

Pharmaceutical companies argue that these costs are necessary for recouping the cost of research and development, and that these prices don’t represent the true costs thanks to the deals made in closed-door meetings, but these arguments are becoming harder to make as it becomes clear that drug costs are rising across the board, including for generics and name-brand drugs that have long since paid for themselves. The EpiPen, for instance, hasn’t changed one bit in the past 10 years, but that didn’t stop its parent company from raising the price from $100 to $600 for a pair of pens.

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