Dentek Dental Guard Review: Is It Any Good?

Published February 19th, 2022 by Chris Riley
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Erik Rivera

If you’re interested in Dentek Dental Guards, you are probably suffering from teeth grinding.

Also called bruxism, this condition is often incontrollable as you tend to grind teeth while you sleep.

In the short term, it can cause mild discomfort as well as pain in the jaws when you wake up.

But in the long term, bruxism can cause a lot of health problems and even ruin your teeth.

Dentek Dental Guard Introduction

Dentek made its Dental Guard address this issue. The product is applied to your teeth before you go to bed.

It creates a physical barrier between your teeth so that even if you bite your teeth during the night, you wouldn’t cause any irreparable damage.

Dentek Dental Guard

How to mount the Dentek Dental Guard?

Boil-and-bite is the simple Dentek approach. One of the main reasons to consider Dentek’s Dental Guard is the ease of use.

If you've struggled with your bite-pads before, you know just how important it is to ensure you have the right tools for your teeth.

These health accessories aren’t seen as medical products, but they need to be properly installed if you want to sleep comfortably.

Use a microwave or hot water

Since they are made from BPA-free plastic, the dental pads need to be warmed first so that you can fit them around your upper teeth properly.

This can be done using multiple methods. But Dentek recommends putting them in the microwave of using a cup of hot water to get their materials to loosen up.

Apply on the upper teeth

Once the moldable Dental Guard becomes soft, you can apply it to your upper teeth. This should be done slowly, ensuring you cover all of your teeth.

From the front teeth to molars, you should ensure the guard is properly fitted.

You then bit into the fixing tray maintaining the bite for up to 2 minutes.

Once settled, you can remove the fixing tray. Some people prefer not to use the fixing tray but as long as you get it for free in the pack, there’s no reason to overlook it.

After the guard dentures are fixed, you can go to sleep. There’s nothing else you need to do as it adds the teeth-protection barrier itself.

Which teeth does it protect?

The Dentek Dental Guard protects all teeth. While you apply it to the upper teeth, it also protects the lower teeth.

Some users feel a bit unsure of just how to fix it. But as long as you bite into it properly, the guard should protect all of your teeth.

DenTek , Comfort-Fit Dental Guard For Nighttime Teeth Grinding, 2 count (Packaging May Vary)
9.1/10 Our Score
  • DenTek Comfort-Fit is an easy-to-wear dental guard that cushions your teeth without feeling bulky
  • Helps to prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding, including jaw aches, tooth chipping, and headaches
  • 1-year protection from nighttime teeth grinding; FDA registered device; BPA free and does not need to be boiled; made in USA
  • Includes 2 dental guards and 1 antimicrobial storage case.packaging may vary
  • #1 OTC Dental Guard Brand for Nighttime Teeth Grinding*
  • *Source: IRI Data Total Units Sold Ending 09.08.19 Multi-Outlet + Convenience Stores

How to take care of the Dental Guard?

Maintenance is fairly easy on the Dental Guard. You need to ensure the bite guard is clean after and before each use.

There’s an antimicrobial storage case that comes with it. You can either fill this case with mouthwash or simply add the liquid to a cup to kill most bacteria on the guard. You can also brush it with toothpaste.

FAQs about Dentek Dental Guard

How do you wear the Dentek Dental Guard?

You wear the Dentek Dental Guard on your upper teeth. It ships with a fixing tray which you push and holds until fixed to your upper teeth.

It then becomes a product you can wear a few hours and even sleep with.

Safe to use, the Dental Guard can be a long-term solution if you know to have problems with teeth grinding.

Can night guards ruin your teeth?

Nightguards cannot ruin your teeth if properly applied and if made from safe materials.

But even if you don’t apply the guard properly, you will only feel mild discomfort but it will still work as a barrier between the upper and the lower teeth.

This being said, you cannot damage your teeth with the Dentek Ultimate Dental Guard.

Is it OK to sleep with a mouthguard?

You can sleep with a mouth guard as long as it's properly fixed. This review focuses on the Dentek Professional-Fit Maximum Protection Dental Guard and this product can be safe to use during the night for years.

You only need to apply it properly after warming it up in the water for it to mold to your teeth.

Does Dental Guard cause teeth pain?

Dentek ready-fit Dental guards don't cause teeth pain. Made for the ultimate durability, these molar pads are use against teeth and jaw pain.

FDA-approved and enjoying a money back guarantee, these slim design oads are even pain-free to install after soaking in boiling water. 

They prevent teeth chipping and act as a cushion of comfort on teeth without dental appliances to prevent teeth grinding.

As a best mouth guard, Dental Guard is not painful, similarly to a teeth whitening strip. 

Does Dentek Dental Guard work?

Dental Guard has proven result, according to what its users report. With a custom fit, the Dentek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard available through sellers such as Amazon, over-the-counter, or in supermarkets in the dental night guard section.

This oral care kit has proven nighttime teeth grinding benefits. The maximum protection dental guard even comes with a forming tray so users don't fit it the wrong way. 

Made for a comfortable fit, this great product in the oral health-care niche is also comfortable to sleep with.

If you suffer from grinders teeth, general teeth soreness, or even from snoring you need to ask your dentist if you need one yourself.

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Dentek’s Dental Guard dentures are an efficient tool at preventing teeth damage as a result of teeth grinding, specifically during the night.

It installs easily and it cleans easily. Unlike other dental bites, it does require warming up and you’ll need warm water to make it malleable. But this extra step can also make it fit a bit better.

Published February 19th, 2022 by Chris Riley
Fact Checked by
Erik Rivera

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