Deciphering Medication Assistance

Published March 24th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Deciphering Medication AssistanceWith prescription cost coverage as one of the hot topics in current healthcare concerns, a number of programs and adjunct insurance coverage has been developed to help balance this disparity in the quality of care. At USARx, we like to help educate individuals and business owners about the differences in medication assistance programs and what they offer to individuals.

  • Health insurance prescription coverage – this may come as part of a bundled insurance plan, but can also be an adjunct service that is added to a primary plan through the same provider. These will often result in a higher premium, but deductible can also vary, as can co-pays and whether brand name and generics are also covered.
  • Medicare Part D – although this is a part of Medicare coverage, it is not standard and must be obtained at a greater premium. Although Medicare Part D does cover a number of medications, some drugs will not be considered “essentials” under this plan, and can result in full out of pocket costs.
  • Patient assistance programs – these may be supported through efforts from pharmaceutical companies, but may also be funded through non-profits, municipal health departments, and specific pharmacies. Many assistance programs to have requirements for qualification, but suitable applicants can receive financial help in covering the cost of medications.
  • Pharmacy savings cards – cards such as the USARx pharmacy discount card are not coverage programs like traditional insurance and also do not require patients to qualify for applicability. These operate through allowing patients to access a network of drug prices that have been negotiated through pharmacy benefits managers across the nation. This also means that there is no cost for the medication assistance and that a greater number of drugs can be obtained at a savings.

Every individual will have an option that is best suited to their health needs and to their prescription protocols. By understanding the differences in these choices, people can also make empowered decisions about their personal welfare, and signing up for a free USARx pharmacy discount card can facilitate this action.

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