Cutting The Costs On ED Medication

Published November 4th, 2019 by USA Rx
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CuttingTheCostsOnEDMedicationErectile dysfunction can be a very embarrassing problem for men to suffer with – but it’s incredibly common. In fact, it really does ‘happen to us all’ from time to time for various reasons. But if it’s an ongoing issue, getting medication to help is a good idea. But even when you begin looking for Cialis generic variations, you quickly discover that it’s not a cheap solution.

The cost of a single prescription of the medication can be hundreds of dollars, and cutting costs is important. Luckily, there are some options that can help you save money and get back the confidence you need.

Go Generic

Cialis generic medication is known as generic tadalafil. This medication usually isn’t covered under insurance but buying a generic alternative can lower the costs of the medicine by as much as 50% or more. You’ll get the same results, so whenever possible turning to generic options is a good idea.

Consider Viagra

Cialis is generally a preferred solution since it will work for up to 24 hours, unlike Viagra which lasts for a shorter period of time. But, generic Viagra is more affordable than Cialis generic medication in most cases, and may be worth talking to your doctor about.

Use Discount RX Card

Another option to remember is to use a discount RX drug card. These cards work at virtually every pharmacy. Here’s how.

• Pharmacies around the nation have special agreements with different discount programs, promising to provide lower prices if the card is used.

• The cards are used in addition to or without using any kind of insurance that may pay for medication.

• Once presented with a discount card or RX printed coupons, a discount is applied to the medication.

• Often, you may be able to secure a discount card for a low monthly fee while in other cases it may even be free for you to use.

• Certain medications may not be valid with a discount RX card, and some pharmacies may not accept them. But they’re growing in popularity as well as prevalence, and most will find results from them.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your Cialis and overcome the ED problem that may be embarrassing you and bothering you, taking a closer look at the steps above is well worth doing. And, solutions like discount RX cards can also help with other medications as well, saving you money throughout your life.

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