Cutting Costs While Raising The Quality Of Care

Published June 4th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Cutting Costs While Raising The Quality Of CareWith the many recent changes in health care laws, both employers and individuals have been seeking to find the balance that can ensure compliance, and that can also ensure the objectives of these laws being met. The cost of health care and insurance continues to be an exploration of new ways to satisfy population demands in a manner that is effective on many levels. Examining The Rise Of Costs The insurance mandate for both employers and individuals does address a social trend that has become prevalent in the nation over the past half of a decade. Unfortunately, current high costs for care and especially prescription medications, arose from a combination of factors that included initial attempts to manage the financial side of care. Further trends, including privatization and specialization in medical fields have also driven the cost of wellness to astronomical levels. The concern about achieving a new balance for the price and quality of health care is also due to the fact that many beneficial inclusions to care protocols have also come as a result of these trends that drive costs. One of the aspects that we are particularly aware of at USA Rx, is how pharmaceuticals play into this larger picture of cost and care.


Following The Doctor’s Orders

Compliance with drug protocols is one of the factors that is highly associated with the overall cost of health care. This includes:

  • Rising prices on drugs
  • Ability to find generic versus brand versions of medications
  • Long-term drug regimens that may become cost prohibitive
  • Non-compliance leading to more lost time and doctor’s visits
  • Complications due to non-compliance with dosing

What this presents is a situation where access to medications and the ability to afford them can greatly reduce adjunct costs that are incurred, while also promoting wellness through quality care.

However, the most common reason that people do not follow a drug protocol is simply due to affordability. While this may be obvious for individuals who are managing a chronic condition, it also applies to limited runs of medications, such as with a course of antibiotics of a flu vaccine. The result becomes that lack of compliance can often negate the benefits of visiting a physician, since medications are a part of the care continuum.


Finding Solutions For Health Quality

This realization also indicates that accepting a greater responsibility for personal health can contribute to lowering costs while still maintaining the quality of care. While this can include becoming involved in preventive measures and lifestyle changes that promote wellness, this also encompasses medication compliance, regardless of whether a condition is acute or chronic. This empowerment for personal health can also extend to finding solutions that make it possible to accept this responsibility.

The use of the USA Rx pharmacy card is one means of achieving this better balance of both quality and cost. Our pharmacy discount card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the nation, and allows for individuals to access their medications at affordable prices. If managing your quality of health has been compromised by the cost of medications, then contact us today for your USA Rx pharmacy discount card.

Published June 4th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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