Corporate Employers: Allow Employees To Save With The USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card

Published March 14th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Corporate Employers: Allow Employees To Save With The USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card Many insurance companies have been distancing themselves from the marketplace. The health care industry is in a state of confusion at the moment, and employees are left in limbo. Government officials are hard at work attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, however, no suitable replacements have been put in place. Employees are unsure of whether they will even be able to be insured, and it is of importance to give them another option to save money on prescriptions.

Benefits Of The USA Rx pharmacy discount card

More than one individual can use a single card. Once the discount card has been put on file, at the employees pharmacy, they no longer need the physical card. This allows employers to easily integrate, this money saving tool, into the corporation, regardless of its size. Anyone can use the card, regardless of medical conditions, social status, or employment status, so do not be afraid to sign up today.

We have no access to employee medical records, nor do we want them. Our goal is simple, to provide our card holders with the lowest price available to them, on their prescriptions. This is accomplished, by working with the drug manufacturers, because if employees can not get their medications, then no one wins. Allowing employees to save, on prescription costs, has never been easier, or more risk free.

Free, means free. There is never any charge, for any of our services. No hidden sign up fees are lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce, our card is simply free. The chances are, that if you are reading this, you are looking for ways for employees to save money. Thus, it stands to reason that spending more money is out of the question, so never pay for something that should be free.

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