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Published March 5th, 2020 by USA Rx
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  CompareAndSaveWithPharmaceuticalPriceComparisonsPharmaceutical prices keep going up. In fact, drug prices increase on average 9% per year, with injectable drugs increasing at 15% per year. Over time these increases can really add up, especially if you take multiple prescriptions. In order to combat these increasing prices, consumers need to understand their options to keep the prices low. Once of the best options is by using pharmaceutical price comparisons.

Understanding Price Differences

  CompareAndSaveWithPharmaceuticalPriceComparisonsCertain pharmaceuticals are manufactured under different brand names, but have the same effective ingredients and formulas. In these cases, price points can vary greatly, up to 40%. Taking time to review the different pharmaceutical brands can help you begin comparing prices. A great place to start is by speaking with your prescribing physician to learn the different brand names of the same drug. Then you can use tools like our online search feature to compare the average cost of different medicines.

Price Is Dependent On Where You Buy

Another common misconception is that pharmaceuticals cost the same no matter which pharmacy you go to. This is incorrect. Every pharmacy has a different pricing strategy that is dependent on their unique market. What is $20 at one pharmacy can cost $100 at another. Driving a few extra miles to a different pharmacy can save you big. Before ordering your prescription medicines, take a moment to do some pharmaceutical price comparisons at different pharmacies to find the best deal.

Streamline The Process

Doing a pharmaceutical price comparison can be very time consuming. You have to do a lot of online research, call different pharmacies, and work with your physician. However, there is a better option. A free rx discount card and smartphone app can save you the time. The card will allow you to get the best price no matter where you go and give you access to special discounts and coupons. While an app can help you do a pharmaceutical price comparison among different pharmacies and drug manufacturers. With these two tools you can save an average of 75% on your total costs

At USA Rx, we know how the ever increasing prices of prescription medication can impact your budget. That is why we came up with such an easy way to get the best prices available. The best part is that we offer all of these services for free to help. You just simply go to our website and sign up to start saving!

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