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Companies And Organizations Continue To Struggle With Health Care

Companies And Organizations Continue To Struggle With Health Care The Affordable Care Act has been in the news ever since its inception more than half a decade ago. Today it's been law for some time, but there's still a lot of different components that aren't fully understood or that just aren't working out properly. In fact, only about 37% of Americans understand the difference between different types of plans, and only about 47% of the country views the law favorably.

While individuals have a tough time understanding it, companies and private organizations are struggling as well. The law states that only companies employing more than 50 full time workers are required to provide insurance, but that doesn't mean that companies that aren't required to provide it simply choose not to. There are plenty of those who are doing their best to give their employees good health benefits – but it's not always easy.

Shopping around for good group insurance policies is the first step, and can help you provide your employees with solid health benefits. But you may need to go beyond that. One option is a prescription discount card. Our USA RX Pharmacy Discount Card is designed to give companies another way to offer their employees solid health benefits.

The card is completely free, even for the largest corporations, and works simply. You provide the card to employees, and they present it to their pharmacy when they purchase their prescriptions. The pharmacist checks for a discount and if one is available, they apply it to the price.

This offers some notable benefits to you and to your employees, including:


  • Completely free for you and your employees
  • Works with all existing health insurance plans
  • Works even if insurance isn't offered
  • Helps build employee morale
  • Could reduce callouts and boost productivity
  • And more


Simply put, there's no risk associated with the card and its' something that could help your company and your employees. To get your cards, fill out our online form today for immediate access.

Published September 25th, 2014 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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