Chewable Tablets For ADHD Have Some Psychiatrists Nervous

Published July 7th, 2016 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Chewable Tablets For ADHD Have Some Psychiatrists NervousAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a mental disease which causes millions of children in America and around the world to have trouble focusing on a single task. While this is particularly unhelpful in school, ADHD can also negatively affect personal relationships and sometimes persists into adulthood.

Fortunately, several drugs which have been on the market for years now have a positive effect on both children and adults with ADHD. Recently, a new medication named Adzenys has put this drug in a chewable tablet, making it easier and more convenient for children to take. It tastes sweet, too, which means it’s more likely that children will take their medicine.

Unfortunately, ADHD medications also happen to be a kind of amphetamine, a stimulant which energizes individuals without the disorder instead of calming them down and letting them focus. Because of this, drugs like Adderall are often abused at parties, and many psychiatrists are worried that a chewable tablet will only increase its popularity.

Psychiatrists are also worried about misdiagnoses and overmedication. Rightly or not, there’s a belief among many psychiatrists and much of the general public that physicians are too quick to diagnose ADD and ADHD, and that both psychiatrists and parents are too quick to rely on medication when a behavioral treatment program could work more effectively, more permanently, and without nearly the same overall cost.

Despite these valid concerns, however, it’s still true that kids don’t like taking their medicine, whether as cough syrup, pills, or vaccinations. Since ADHD is seen most often and most strongly in young children, it makes sense to create a chewable tablet for them that’s similar to the chewable multivitamins parents can buy over the counter. Just make sure to switch to regular pills as your child grows up.

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