Change Is In The Air

Published February 26th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Change Is In The AirHealth insurance has become increasingly confusing over the past several years, and this leaves many Americans unsure of what their coverage is really offering them. The initial use of subsidies that could qualify individuals for a higher coverage at a lesser out of pocket rate also allowed people to include prescriptions in their insurance. However, the current confusion over the state of subsidies is leaving many Americans questioning what they should do to have full access to healthcare resources.


Further Separations

One of the larger concerns is also the fact that while most insurance agencies do offer prescription plans, these are an adjunct to the primary plan. The separate prescription plans can significantly add to the premium, and they may also carry high deductibles that can add up. With subsidies as a federal provision, consumers were able to utilize these funds for such considerations.

However, the current court rulings have left the extra funding in a limbo state, with some states still utilizing the subsidy plan on a regional basis. This means that Americans are once again being asked to make important decisions about their need for healthcare. Unfortunately, the result is expected to be a return to lower premium plans that may not include provisions for medications.


The Implications Of Affordability

Another unfortunate result is that many people in the population will also return to modified drug regimens that are not the most conducive to the healing process. Patients are frequently known to miss doses and even refills on purpose, just to make the cost of prescriptions manageable. At USA Rx, we feel that people should have access to the medicine they need, regardless of the machinations of insurance and government.

Our USA Rx pharmacy discount card enables patients to receive discounted drug prices, without the need for separate insurance plans or added costs. This can give people the ability to keep up with drug regimens, even through changing healthcare mandates. The result is that coverage for costs can extend, even as insurance providers change coverage tiers as well.

Although sorting through the healthcare changes may take time, acquiring a USA Rx pharmacy discount card does not. The application process is free and simple, and gives an immediate solution to the important concern of paying for pharmaceutical treatments. We encourage people to apply online today, and ease the burden of medication costs.

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