Can I Use My Discount Pharmacy Card At Walgreens?

Published January 31st, 2020 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

CanIUseMyDiscountPharmacyCardAtWalgreens?One of the biggest questions surrounding the use of a discount pharmacy card is just where and when it can be used. Using your discount pharmacy card at Walgreens, at CVS, at Walmart Pharmacy or whichever pharmacy you frequent most is actually quite easy, as your card is designed to give you the discounts you need where you already shop. When asking if you can use your discount pharmacy card at Walgreens, the answer is typically yes, however you may want to check our location tool first to make sure your local Walgreens is a participating location.

The discount pharmacy card program is a voluntary one, so not all pharmacies may participate in the program if they choose not to. However, over 60,000 pharmacies across the United States do participate in the program, so it is likely your discount pharmacy card at Walgreens will be a successful trip. When you arrive at your local participating Walgreens, simply hand your card to the pharmacist and they’ll plug in your information to get your discount. When using your discount pharmacy card at Walgreens, you may receive a discount from 10% to 75% depending on your medication. The next time you go to the Walgreens pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions, you won’t need to bring your pharmacy card again, as the pharmacist already has your information and you should receive your discounts automatically.

Using My Discount Pharmacy Card At Different Pharmacist Locations

CanIUseMyDiscountPharmacyCardAtWalgreens?Your discount pharmacy card at Walgreens isn’t limited to Walgreens. You may use your discount pharmacy card at participating CVS, Walmart Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Publix, Kroger, Alberton’s, and many other well-known chain pharmacy locations all across the United States. You can use your discount pharmacy card in the same way at any of these participating locations just as you would your local Walgreens location.

However, when you go to a new pharmacy to have your prescriptions filled, you will need to bring your discount pharmacy card with you. While Walgreens may already have your information on file, a new pharmacy will not, and they will need the information on your card in order to get your discounts. When you visit another pharmacy location and provide them with your information once, it will be retained and used automatically just as it is at your regular Walgreens location.

If you’re traveling or have recently moved, the same thing rings true. You can use the location finder tool, find participating pharmacies in your area, and then show your pharmacy card to get you the discounts you need even thousands of miles away. Your discount pharmacy card works all throughout the United States in any location housing one of the over 60,000 participating pharmacies.

The Details Of Your Discount Pharmacy Card

While wondering if you can use your discount pharmacy card at Walgreens is just one of the many questions surrounding the program, there are others equally important to answer. Your discount pharmacy card is not an insurance policy, so it will not interfere with the coverage you already have. In some instances, the discount you’re able to get on your prescriptions makes the cost less than your insurance copay, so you can choose to use your discount pharmacy card to get better prices on your prescriptions than that your insurance offers.

Because your discount pharmacy card is not an insurance policy and has nothing to do with insurance coverage, it will never interfere with your coverage. As a matter of fact, your insurance provider doesn’t even need to be notified of your use of the card, and you can choose to use your card or your coverage for different prescriptions to get you the best price possible. Discount pharmacy cards aren’t just for those insured or underinsured, it can be used by anyone regardless of state of coverage or lack thereof. For those with no insurance, a discount pharmacy card may be your path to finally finding affordable prescriptions.

Your discount pharmacy card also never interferes with your medical care. The card is a separate entity entirely from your medical provider or insurance coverage, and it has no effect on the care you receive. Any person with any care, in any network, and with any medical need can use their discount pharmacy card as they wish.

Pre-existing conditions do not limit your use of or ability to obtain a discount pharmacy card, and you will never be asked about any pre-existing conditions you may have. Pre-existing conditions or state of health have no bearing on your use of your discount pharmacy card, and do not affect the discounts you’re able to receive. A person with pre-existing conditions, and one without, will still receive the same discount on the same medications.

Who Can Use The Discount Pharmacy Card?

If you hold a discount pharmacy card, you may also wonder if you can use your card for your family’s prescriptions as well. Your discount pharmacy card can be used by you, your spouse, your children, your loved ones, and your friends if you so choose, and it is not limited to the cardholder alone. If you have a friend who is having trouble affording his or her medications, you can allow them to use your card to save on their prescriptions just as you save on your own. The discount pharmacy card is not coverage, but simply a way to receive discount coupons on various medications.

Getting your discount pharmacy card is simple, and there is no long questionnaire, survey, or medical record involved. Simply print out your pre-approved discount pharmacy card at home, and you’re ready to bring it to the pharmacy with you to begin saving on your prescriptions. If you should lose your discount pharmacy card, or your card is damaged, simply re-print the card and it’s ready to be used again. With your discount pharmacy card at Walgreens, CVS, or any pharmacy location you visit the most, your prescriptions become more affordable than ever before.

Published January 31st, 2020 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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