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Published March 8th, 2022 by Chris Riley
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Wearing a mouthguard for powerlifting is an essential part of the game, for many reasons.

Firstly, powerlifting involves putting a massive amount of pressure on the body, particularly the mouth.

Those people who choose to practice weightlifting without a mouthguard are often the first to complain of jaw ache after a session.

Not wearing one can also cause damage to the teeth as people tend to clench them when straining to lift heavy weights.

As well as providing protecting for your jaw and teeth, wearing a mouthguard when powerlifting also helps to prevent headaches and improve your breathing. 

weightlifter wearing the best powerlifting mouthguard

Weightlifting & Powerlifting Mouthguard Reviews

So now that you know why it’s important to wear one, let’s take a closer look at some of the best mouthguards for lifting weights:

Gelfort Powerlifting Mouthguard 

Designed by professional powerlifting athletes, this mouthguard on offer from Gelfort is by far, one of the best around at the moment for a wide variety of users, including those involved in weight training, rowing, and gym sports. 

While on the outside it does look a little basic, there’s a lot going on in the background when it comes to the product’s design.

The first thing is that it features soft gel buffers to help keep your lips, teeth, cheeks and tissue damage free. These buffers also provide a good cushion for clenching purposes. It also has balanced frontal bone.

This is designed to activate muscle nerve conduction, significantly reducing the risk of injury as a result. So, it’s strong enough to clench down on as hard as you want without doing damage to you or the gum shield.  

Available in a good selection of colors and as a multipack, the Gelfort Powerlifting Mouthguard is a good choice for just about anyone needing to protect their teeth and gums. 

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard 

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard is a popular choice right now for those involved in weightlifting. 

One of this mouthguard’s unique selling points is that in addition to being made available in quite a wide range of colors, they’re also available in different flavors!

How cool is that? For anyone that’s worn a traditional mouthguard, you’ll know they aren’t the tastiest thing you’ll ever have in your mouth, that’s for sure. So, creating some that are bubble gum, mint, or lemon lime, to name just a few, is fantastic and proved to work well. 

In addition to looking great and tasting even better, the Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard also works extremely well too. It’s made using heavy-duty materials that provide your mouth with full protection against teeth grinding, clenching, or biting of the cheeks. There are integrated breathing channels which make talking and breathing easier, and thanks to innovative Gel-Fit Liner Technology, it’s also a cinch to fit, molding perfectly to your mouth in seconds. 

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Venum Challenger Mouthguard 

Made by the number one mouthguard brand in MMA, the Venum Challenger Mouthguard is a great contender to any other product on this list, but at a fraction of the cost. 

While it may be considered a budget model in price, there’s nothing budget about this product’s performance.

Specifically designed to prevent and reduce injuries to the jaw, teeth, gums, and mouth, this mouthguard provides fantastic protection for powerlifters during their workout.

It features an advanced gel frame to ensure maximum comfort, while the high-density rubber frame works wonders at breaking shock waves and dispersing any impact towards your stronger teeth.

The fitting process is also very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes using just a pot of boiling water. And the great thing is, because it’s a ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard, if at first you don’t get it quite how you want it, simple re-boil the water, drop in the mouthguard and watch as it returns to its original shape.

Then, try again. Once molded, it’s super comfortable to wear as fits perfectly to the shape of your teeth. 

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OPRO Power Fit Mouthguard 

The OPRO Power Fit Mouthguard is a premium gum shield that’s by a huge number of professionals including those involved in rugby, hockey, and weightlifting.

Equipped with a dual outer shell in which to envelop your teeth and gums, keeping your mouth protected, this mouthguard is very good at ensuring you remain free from injury whatever sport you’re taking part in.

One of the things that makes this mouthguard stand out from the crowd is it has an unrivaled custom fit. It’s so snug and so adequately fitting that you’d think it was a custom-made item. It’s also extremely easy to fit.

This is partly down to the high quality materials used to in the manufacturing of the product, but also partly due to the fitting fins that break down during the molding process to ensure you get the best fit every time.   

It’s available in both youth and adult sizes. And, there are numerous design options to choose from including various flags and a galaxy invasion pattern. So if you’re looking for a product that’s well-known, looks great, and is suitable for all, the OPRO Power Fit Mouthguard is the way to go. 

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Sisu Aero Mouthguard 

If you’ve ever felt like your old mouthguard is just too big and bulky and restricts from doing the most basic of things such as drinking, talking, or breathing, then be sure to check out this incredible product from Sisu.

The Sisu Aero Mouthguard is insanely popular among athletes both young and old.

Available in a small, medium, or large size, and in more colors than you could name in five minutes, this mouthguard is quite something.

One of its best attributes is the fact that it’s just 1.6mm thick, which is around half the thickness of the average sports mouthguard. It’s so lightweight and made of the highest quality materials, that you forget you’ve even got it in your mouth. 

Another great feature the Sisu Aero Mouthguard has to offer is that it features rounded edges and a wider bite pad, making it more comfortable than some other models available.

Anyone looking to use it when playing contact sports such as football, MMA, or hockey, will benefit greatly also as it’s been made using Diffusix technology, meaning and has been scientifically proven to distribute any force received, evenly across the jaw. 

Anyone who’s involved in weightlifting or powerlifting should make wearing a high-quality mouthguard part of their mantra.

Not only will it help keep your mouth free from injury, it will also give you something to chow down on when the going gets tough!