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Published March 8th, 2022 by Chris Riley
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Erik Rivera

Whether for professional reasons or for fun, playing sports is a big part of many people’s lives.

We as humans have been enjoying sports for a very long time. And while certain rules and regulations may have changed over time, and new sports being conjured up, the basics tend to remain the same.

Thankfully, what has changed is the range of protective equipment that’s now available to athletes. Nowadays we have things like shin pads, and shoulder pads to help protect our bodies, and mouthguards to save your teeth.

But pre 1890, hockey players had hardly anything keeping them safe.   

Mouthguards are extremely important for athletes who take part in contact sports or even those near contact sports.

While boxers, and MMA fighters may be the more obvious people to come to mind, they are extremely important to both field and ice hockey players too.

Field hockey has been around since the mid-1800s, and typically involves players using hockey sticks to hit a round hockey ball into the net of the opposing team. 

Ice Hockey vs Field Hockey, What's the Difference?

Ice hockey is thought to have originated slightly later than field hockey, more than likely as a derivative of it.

This sport is played in a similar way but on an ice rink wielding ice skates opposed to running around on foot on the field.

The other main difference of course being that hockey pucks are used instead of balls. The biggest ice hockey league in the world is the NHL and you will see your fair share of mouth and lip guards there.

Both these balls and pucks are extremely hard, hence the need for a mouthguard. Not only that, but you also have the added risk of elbows, feet and sticks to contend with.

Both types of hockey are a lot more brutal than some people realize, and therefore should never be played without adequate protection.    

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Hockey Mouthguard

In this review you’ll find a collection of what we believe are some of the best mouthguards available right now on Amazon and other reputable online stores.

Our reviewers tested each product against both ice and field hockey, giving you the opportunity to really get to know what some of these products are all about.

In each product review you will discover how comfortable the mouthguard is to wear in a game situation as well as how effective it is in keeping you protected.

And what better advice to take then from those in the heart of the sport already.

Top Pick – Sisu NextGen Mouthguard

The Sisu NextGen Mouthguard is rated by our reviewers as being the top pick when it comes to adequate mouth protection while playing both ice and field hockey, and upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see why.

This mouthguard is quite thin and durable, and therefore very easy to mold. One reviewer remarked that the Sisu NextGen Mouthguard is “the most comfortable mouthguard I’ve ever experienced.

It fits in all the right places and doesn’t feel overly bulky”. In fact, it’s actually 30% thinner than your standard mouthguard. And because it’s so thin and moldable it’s suitable for any active athlete aged 11 and up.    

But it’s not just about how it feels. A good mouthguard needs to provide adequate protection for your teeth and gums. According to our reviewers, that is no concern whatsoever.

This mouthguard is made using Diffusix technology, meaning any impact received is distributed evenly, meaning you’re less likely to suffer any real damage.

There are designated crumple zones designed to absorb any impact you may receive from a stray puck, stick, or elbow coming your way.

It's also one of the more stylish looking models available today, offered in a wide range of fashionable colors. Of course, that’s not the main aim of a mouthguard, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little funk now and then.

So, as you can see, there are many great aspects to this mouthguard. It’s easily moldable, so it fits well in your mouth. In terms of protection, it fits the bill, and it’s also pretty well priced. What more could you possibly want from a mouthguard? 

Check Amazon Prices HERE.

Best Value – Venum Challenger

venum challenger mouthguard review

If you’re going to play like a champ, then you may as well look like one too. Available in a plethora of colors, the Venum Challenger Mouthguard is another extremely popular mouthguard available on the market at the moment.

This mouthguard is a more solid mouthguard than that of say, the Sisu NextGen. It looks pretty small when you first pull it out of the packaging, but our testers assure us, it’s a nice fit.

It features a Nextfit gel frame combined with a second high-density rubber frame in which to give your mouth the kind of protection it needs when playing vigorous sports such as ice hockey, field hockey, or even boxing.  

Another neat aspect this mouthguard has to offer is that it’s equipped with a special breathing channel, that’s designed to help enhance your performance.

It’s pretty easy to fit to size, and it provides maximum security and protection at all times. Another bonus is that it comes with its own little carry case to ensure a high hygiene level.  

This sports mouth guard may cost a lot less than some of the others on the list, but rest assured, the level of protection it provides is right on par.

It’s made from one of the world’s leading MMA brands, so it’s designed to take a knock or two.

The quality is also second to none, and in terms of how it feels, one of reviewers commented that “it’s more comfortable to wear than any custom fit mouthguard than I’ve ever used”.   

So all-in-all, it’s a fantastic mouthguard that will easily stand up to any knocks and blows you may receive while out on the field or ice.

Check Amazon Prices HERE.

women playing field hockey while wearing mouthguard

More Mouthguard Reviews

Opro Power Fit 

OPRO Power Fit Mouthguard

If all of these mouthguards were to be ranked in order according to our reviewer’s comments, the Opro Power Fit would come in at a very close second.

This sport mouthguard may be one of the more expensive models on this list, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

While the Opro Power Fit is primarily promoted as a boxing mouthguard it works wonders for those playing hockey too. Our reviewers found that this product provided ample protection for their teeth when playing both field and ice hockey.

In terms of comfort, the general consensus was that it fit like a glove. It molds very quickly to the teeth, with the whole fitting process taking less than 3 minutes.

And once complete, it has a very natural feel that hardly affects your speech or breathing at all. In terms of protection, you couldn’t ask for more.

It has a hybrid design that incorporates a dual layer outer shell with an inner gel ortho-channel that when paired with the patented anatomical fins and inter-jaw absorption later, provides a level of protection that is phenomenal.   

And if all that’s not enough, every Opro Power Fit Mouthguard comes with an 18-month $20,000 Dental Warranty.

Check Amazon Prices HERE.

Shock Doctor Gel Max

shock doctor gel max mouthguard

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard is a great all-rounder mouthguard that’s ideal for those playing any kind of sport where contact is likely, including basketball, lacrosse, and hockey.

 In fact this mouthpiece was also one of our most highly rated football mouthguard reviews.

With quite a big range of mouthguards available to buy today, brands are always searching for new ways to win over their customers.

One of the most obvious ways for them to do this is through the use of bright colors or unique patterns. However, another way that seems to work well for Shock Doctor is to add some flavoring to the mix. So, on top of choosing a brightly colored mouthguard to make yourself stand out, you can also opt to have one that tastes good too!

Another great selling point for this product is that it is so easy to fit. Just boil it first to soften the mouthguard, then put it in your mouth and bite.

Within a few moments it will shape around your teeth, forming the perfect fit. If for any reason, it doesn’t fit exactly how you want it, simply re-boil and re-mold. But thanks to the product’s gel-fit liner, that’s very unlikely to happen.

When it comes to protection, the Shock Doctor has you covered. Thanks to its heavy-duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame any impact received is absorbed greatly. Not only are your upper and lower teeth protected, but the chance of concussion occurring through a massive blow is also greatly reduced. And if that’s not enough for you, it also has a convertible tether so you have the option of wearing it strapped or strapless.   

All-in-all, it’s pretty well priced, and it comes in a variety of colors. The product is well made, a comfortable fit, and it does everything you need it too. Plus, it’s available flavored. What more could you ask for?

Check Amazon Prices HERE.

Sisu Aero

sisu mouthguard

Last on our list (but certainly not least) comes the Sisu Aero Mouthguard.

This leading Sisu mouth guard is another extremely popular model among both the professional and amateur athlete both as an adult and youth mouth guard.

It’s available in three different sizes, with models suitable for anyone aged around 7 and up. And at just 1.6mm thick, it’s around 50% thinner than the average mouthguard making it one of the more comfortable models to wear.

Because of its slim design, talking, breathing, and drinking is effortless, and thanks to the aero holes, it’s also much more hygienic too.

The whole reason it’s called Aero is because it offers a breathability level that surpasses most other models out there, including many custom mouthguards.

When put for testing among our avid hockey players, the SisuAero passed every test with flying colors.

It features a wider bite band and rounded edges and is made using Diffusix technology which accurately and evenly distributes any impact. So not only do you get a snug fitting mouthguard, you also get a super effective one too.   

Similar to the Sisu NextGen, but slightly less expensive, this product also comes in a wide range of funky colors.

So, if you’re looking for a product that’s funky, affordable, and very, very comfortable the Sisu Aero is definitely an option worth considering.

As you can see from the above, there are many a good mouthguard available to buy. It’s just a case of weeding out the bad ones and finding the one that works best for you.

If you’re using a mouthguard for the very first time, don’t be put off if it feels a little weird at first. 

These things do take a while to get used to. That being said, a good mouthguard should fit snugly to the shape of your mouth so that it feels natural.

If you are in any discomfort and it’s not a re-moldable model, then you need to look for a replacement, quick.  

All of the mouthguards listed in this review provide excellent protection for your teeth when playing a number of different sports, including both field and ice hockey.

They have all been tested thoroughly by those in the know and all come highly recommended.  

We would also like to include honourable mentions for Under Armour and the Shock Doctor Double mouthpiece, fine products that didn't quite make out 'best of' round-up.