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Published August 15th, 2019 by USA Rx
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People that need regular access to prescription drugs, especially for lifelong, incurable conditions like asthma, or diabetes, know that prescription costs can make huge demands on finances. These medications are a necessity to live a productive life, not a luxury, like eating at a premium restaurant, so “cutting down to save money” is not an option in these situations.

One way to save money, however, is to take advantage of lower pricing from different pharmacies. In the past, that meant leveraging coupons, generic drugs, and even the pharmacy discount card, but now there are ways to speed that up! One way is to download and start using an Rx saver app for the cheapest prescriptions. But which one? 

Blink Health Rx

One of the most popular apps for comparison shopping is Blink Health Rx. It gives consumers users the basics, such as allowing them to compare prices on medications, and even take advantage of lower prices if they pay themselves rather than use a copay system with their insurance. The real convenience here, however, is that alerts come up when new, lower prices are available on your prescription medications, so you can take advantage of the Rx savings them as they happen, rather than find out as your refill time nears, that you missed out on an opportunity.

GoodRx Drug Prices & Coupons

GoodRx is one of the older, but still more popular comparison apps available, and has a few years of satisfied customers singing its praises. The app still offers many conveniences, such as being able to validate for discounts by showing your phone to the pharmacist. No need to print out anything, the savings are always there on your phone, which is always with you. Rx Saver While GoodRx wore the crown as the best app for cheapest prescriptions, it looks like that title has finally passed to a new contender.

Rx Saver 

BestAppForFindingTheCheapestPrescriptionsOne of the reasons why Rx Saver has rapidly climbed the charts for popularity is that the app is capable of finding even more, deeper pharmacy discounts than even GoodRx. However, like the GoodRx app, the same convenience is there-- just having your phone ready to show a pharmacist will get you your discount. In fact, some pharmacists are already well aware of the app and its discounts, and will even ask customers if they’re ready to save money invoking this app by name! Prescription drugs in the USA can be an incredible expense for hard-working Americans. Make sure that every dollar counts by doing some diligent comparison shopping. Finding and using the best app for the cheapest prescriptions is the best way to do this!


Last but definitely not least is our very own USARx app. We are in the process of creating the first free mobile app that will allow you to search, view, and compare prescription drug prices at all leading discount pharmacies around you. This will put the savings directly in your hand, allowing you full prescription drug coverage without having to worry about medication costs. Stay tuned!

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