Be Proactive & Pre-Emptive

Published April 29th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Be Proactive & Pre-EmptiveBeing proactive and pre-emptive means taking control of your eating and exercise habits, alongside not skipping or cutting your medications. You want a solution and has it for you.

Our USA Rx card can discount your prescription drug costs, helping you keep and maintain healthy dosages. Not only that, but when you have this card, you’ll be able to save money that might have had to be spent on your prescriptions.

Being proactive means you’re using those savings to join a gym or see your doctor on a more consistent schedule. Being pre-emptive means you’re taking post-dinner walks every night and tracking the portions you’re eating at each meal.

Another way you can be proactive is by doing a little research. Do you understand how your medications react with certain foods? How about how they react with alcohol? Take every precaution when it comes to your medications and know whether or not an increase or decrease is necessary. This will alter the amount of times you have to meet with your physician as well as how often you will need to refill the prescriptions, and, therefore, use your USA Rx card.

Another time that you might benefit from a little pre-emptive action? Flu season. You should really see your primary care physician during that unavoidable time of year and vaccinate against the sickness. Influenza hits approximately 5-20% of Americans per year, so it’s worthwhile to visit your doctor once for the vaccination, instead of being susceptible to a flu-related doctor visit and then having to pay the costs of antibiotics to get better, or worse, not seeing a doctor once you’ve got the flu and just waiting the cold out. You lose out on time at work and you suffer in the meantime. This is wholly unnecessary when being a little pre-emptive could have saved you.

And in the event that you are felled by the flu, despite your best efforts, or because you weren’t able to move quickly enough to beat the flu’s onset, you can use your card to receive a discount on the flu-antibiotics that your doctor prescribes. Either way, with USA Rx, you’re winning. All it takes on your part is being a little proactive and a little pre-emptive.

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