Are Video Games Good For Physical Therapy?

Published March 24th, 2016 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

For years now, gaming consoles like the Wii and the Xbox have used motion and position-sensing technology to act as input for their games. Not every game has been able to fully make use of these systems, but at the same time both systems have come out with fitness programs that put this technology to good use by burning calories. As such, it’s not too surprising that RespondWell, a company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is now using similar technology to power its new physical therapy system.

The Telehealth Boom

Telehealth, or health care visits which are conducted online or over the phone, are slowly growing in popularity as smartphone and other mobile platforms grow in complexity and in the amount of information they can collect and send instantaneously. Other startups are coming up with possibilities like routine checkups conducted through video chats and online pharmacy orders and refills.

The benefits of telehealth are fairly straightforward: there’s no need to visit a busy clinic and wait 20 minutes or more to see a doctor, and if your case doesn’t demand any serious tests or a specialist’s attention you can have your doctor’s advice and a prescription in a matter of minutes.

The Physical Aspect

The Xbox Kinect sensor uses advanced algorithms to detect the position and movement of people when they come into view of the camera, and RespondWell is using similar technology so a remote physical therapist can keep an eye on his or her patient and offer advice and guidance. So far, the new approach seems to be working: not only are costs down both for the clinic and for the patient, but customer satisfaction results are just about the same.

As such, RespondWell is planning to roll out its technology nationwide in the near future, adding a new feature to the telehealth options already out there. By contacting a physical therapist online, you’ll be able to recover from surgery and regain you strength after you take the cast off a broken limb in the comfort of your own home.

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