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An Experimental Drug Promises New Hope For MS Victims

An Experimental Drug Promises New Hope For MS VictimsMultiple sclerosis is among the worst autoimmune disorders you can get. Every autoimmune disorder involves your immune system mistakenly attacking some of the cells in your body, but it doesn’t get much worse than when they attack the nerves in your spine and brain. Over time, you lose control over your entire body, and symptoms include muscle spasms, random pain sensations, incontinence, and eventually paralysis. There is no known cure for MS, but a new drug promises to at least slow the disease down significantly.

The pharmaceutical company Roche has announced that its new drug Ocrelizumab (a real mouthful even for a new medication) has shown promising results both in its ability to halt the disease’s progress and the low occurrence of dangerous side effects. Before now, MS treatments were hazardous enough that doctors would delay their use until at least the middle stages of the disease. But with Ocrelizumab, we may be able to halt MS while its effects are still mild.

However, there’s one side effect we won’t know about until it’s been formally approved by the FDA: its price. Ocrelizumab works with only two injections over the course of a full year, but the company that eventually markets the drug may take it as an opportunity to demand five figures for a single treatment. New drug prices are rarely related to the cost of manufacturing them these days, and although pharmaceutical companies are quick to blame the R and D cycle for the prices, their arguments are growing steadily more hollow as costs rocket into the stratosphere.

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Published October 15th, 2015 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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