Affordability, Subsidies, And The Need To Reduce Fees

Published May 19th, 2015 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

Affordability, Subsidies, And The Need To Reduce FeesAlthough the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been in implementation over the past four years, the most recent changes and discussions for insurance support have also generated some of the largest confusion over qualifications to affordable care. This is partially due to state participation in providing subsidies, and as a result, many people are still receiving incomplete coverage based on needs.

Understanding The Poverty Level

Economics has been a large factor in all of the reform plans, although the goal outcome is to manage a fiscal balance that also serves community and individual health needs. In assessing the economic state of the health care industry, it has also become necessary to look at both the wellness and the financial health of the population.

One of the first points that we find very illuminating at USA Rx, is the fact that while the poverty level for a single individual is set around $11,000, even people who are up to 400% of this level can still qualify for subsidy support in most states. What is important about this recognition is that it addresses the socio-economic issues that can become a hindrance in the access to appropriate care.

Weighing Costs And Returns

While the state subsidies do provide support for attaining affordable insurance coverage, many individuals are still unsure of how this can impact costs and fees during tax time. While the government health marketplace provides resources and tools that can help people and families calculate the impact of the use of a subsidy, this course of action is still widely underused.

Another widely overlooked resource that individuals have are pharmacy discount cards, that may be used in conjunction with certain qualifications for existing insurance, but can also be used by people who have no concessions for prescription coverage. In an effort to reduce further confusion about care costs, the USA Rx pharmacy discount card is not insurance, nor does it have any attached fees. The result is a simple reduction on prescription costs, and an easy solution to affordable and appropriate health management.

Signing up for the USA Rx pharmacy discount card could be your answer to finding the balance between the cost of wellness, and the positive outcome that enhances quality of life.

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