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A Star Could Be In Your Medical Future

A Star Could Be In Your Medical FutureConvincing people to take their medication isn’t always easy. There are all sorts of reasons why people aren’t as faithful to their prescribed regimens as they ought to be. For some people, it’s hard to keep track once the schedule becomes more complicated than “take one every morning,” let alone when you have to take five different prescriptions each day in the morning, afternoon, after dinner, and right before bed. For cases like Alzheimer’s, remembering things may even be a part of the problem.

Others have trouble because of the cost of modern medicine in America, because they don’t like the side effects, or because they don’t understand why they need to take the medicine every day until the prescription runs out. Whatever the case, one of the most persistent problems doctors face today is patients who don’t take the medicine they need.

Medical professionals and researchers have come up with all sorts of solutions to this problem, and recently a very unique sort of answer has joined the mix: a long-term slow-release pill.

We’ve had slow-release medication for a while now, but it’s been the sort that lasts for a matter of hours. This new release mechanism can store enough medicine to last for weeks or even months, letting out a consistent and safe supply throughout every day. The mechanism also happens to look like a six-pointed star, since the researchers determined after extensive trials that this was the best shape to stick in the stomach, allow food to pass by without blocking your digestion, and still pass into your intestines once all the medicine runs out.

This is especially good news for patients who have a particularly hard time remembering their drug schedule, such as those with Alzheimer’s, and for patients who have a large number of drugs they absolutely need to keep taking consistently, such as people with AIDS.

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Published December 6th, 2016 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by Chris Riley

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