A Safer Way to Cut Prescription Costs

Published March 12th, 2020 by USA Rx
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ASaferWaytoCutPrescriptionCostsHow many times have you visited your local pharmacy to pick up your medications only to find out that the prices have gone up and you aren't prepared to pay the extra money for your medicine? This can happen if you have insurance with drug coverage or no coverage at all.

Even with your insurance, you can still often find that the prices are still too high. So, you search for ways to cut your prescription costs so you can save some money and get your medicine without breaking the bank to do so. But is there a safer way to cut prescription costs? Yes! One of those ways is with a prescription discount card affiliate program, which we will go into more detail about below.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

ASaferWaytoCutPrescriptionCostsAt the beginning of each coverage period, you should be reviewing your prescription drug coverage under your plan. Review all the details and know exactly what your deductible and copay amounts are. When there is an increase in the deductible, it can raise your prescription drug costs, and this usually happens at the beginning of your new coverage period.

Review the Drug Formulary

The drug formulary is simply a listing of all of the specific prescription medications in different categories with the prices of how much you will need to pay for each. They are often grouped into different tiers and will show you similar drugs with similar copay amounts.

However, you will also find that certain medications may not be covered at all under your plan, or you may need special approval from the insurance company before you can fill that particular medicine.

For this reason, it is a good idea to take this list with you to your doctor's appointment so you can both find the best medication for you at the lowest cost possible.

Ask for Generics

Another way to cut down on your prescription costs is by seeing if you can get the generic version of the medication instead of the name brand. They can usually be found at a much lower cost than the name brand and can be substituted by the pharmacist, as long as the doctor says that generic is allowed.

Look for Coupons

Drug manufacturers often supply patients with discount coupons that can typically be found directly on their website to help you save money on the prescription. When looking for these manufacturer coupons, you should also note the time or refill limitations that may be attached to the coupon.

You also need to read the fine print because some types of coverage, including federal or state-government funded programs, won't allow you to use these coupons.

Compare Prices

Just because you usually frequent one pharmacy doesn't mean that you are limited to that pharmacy alone. If the price of your medication has gone up at your usual pharmacy, you should shop around at others and compare prices. You can probably find the same medication at a different pharmacy for a lower price.

When going to a new pharmacy, make sure you supply the new pharmacist with a list of all of your current medications, so they have a full record on file. This helps them pinpoint any drug interactions or other possible problems there may be with your medicine.

Smaller Quantities

If you are on a new medication, you can also consider asking for a smaller quantity of that new medication. This way, you have time to use the medicine to see if it is right for you before you have to purchase a full amount. This is helpful if you have to pay cash for your prescriptions, or you have a high co-pay amount you have to pay upfront.

To do this, however, you have to familiarize yourself with a few exceptions that may exist by state. Being able to ask for smaller quantities of a prescription may be dependent upon state laws, drug package size, and insurance restrictions.

Prescription Discount Card

Another way to help cut the rising costs of prescription medication is by participating in a prescription discount card affiliate program. Through this program, you can find the medication you need at a much lower and more affordable price. There is absolutely no cost involved to use a prescription discount card affiliate program, and it is available for you whether you have insurance coverage or you don't.

To use this program and discount card, you can download the app, choose a pharmacy with the lowest prescription price while comparing the prices at all of your local pharmacies, show your savings card to the pharmacist when you go to pick up your medication, and then pay the discounted rate and save some money.

Prescription Drug Plans

Some stores also have prescription drug plans available for patients as well. Many of the chain stores, for example, offer savings on different prescription medications through their own store drug savings programs. Many of them are free to join, while others may have a small cost for joining. Either way, you will find it is another great way to cut your prescription costs without having to go without the medication you need.

Ask for Guidance

Finally, it never hurts to ask your pharmacist for some guidance as you navigate the choppy waters of prescription drug coverage. They can help guide you through the above suggestions while also possibly identifying other ways you can cut costs and save money on your medicine. It never hurts to ask. They might be able to come up with something in addition to what we have talked about here.

So, don't sit back and do nothing. Let your pharmacist know if you can no longer afford the high and rising costs of your prescription medication.

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