A Pharmacy Discount Card Is A Great Way To Keep College Students Healthier

Published August 5th, 2014 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

When young people go off to college, health concerns are usually the last things on their mind. However, parents rarely forget that illness can happen, especially if a young person is off to a college far from home.

The odds of getting sick get higher when you move to a different region, and go up if you are moving to another country. That’s simply the nature of our immune system, which has to take time to get used to the microscopic agents in the air of a new home.

Even young people can find themselves getting sick and in need of prescription drugs, whether it’s to shake an infection or to treat emerging ADD. What’s the best way for parents to help ensure that they will take care of themselves more effectively while away?

A Pharmacy Discount Card Helps Encourage Smart Decisions For Younger People


Young people are more likely than their elders to simply “wait out” an illness. Getting proper care and prescription drugs can help them reclaim their health faster and prevent issues that might arise from long-term illness.

Getting a young person a pharmacy discount card will make it far easier for them to make the decision to get care. They will know that the cost of care won’t be eating into their often very limited budgets.

Likewise, a pharmacy discount card will help young people to make more responsible purchases. As important as medication is, it will definitely be better if they can make their healthcare-related purchases in cash rather than charging them!

All in all, you may be able to get more mileage out of a pharmacy discount card than you would from calling your student every day. Give him or her the tools to make positive and responsible decisions and you will see the difference!



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