A Consumer’s Guide To Getting Prescription Drug Discounts

Published December 6th, 2019 by USA Rx
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A Consumer’s Guide To Getting Prescription Drug DiscountsAConsumer’s GuideToGettingPrescriptionDrugDiscountsNo matter who you are, you know someone who has or will take prescription medication or Rx. It can be a friend, a family member, or you. Prescription medication has become a necessity for some people.

Almost half or 46% of the population in the United States has taken one or more prescription drugs. However, one of the most pressing issues that most residents face is the high cost of these medications. This situation has led some people to cut back on their other needs, such as groceries. Others even have to take on multiple jobs to afford their medicine. There are potentially dangerous choices that some individuals have to take – they either ration their meds or stop taking them. The accelerating crisis in the prescription drug crisis is affecting a lot of people.

High Cost of Rx in the United States

AConsumer’sGuideToGettingPrescriptionDrugDiscountsThe United States has the highest cost of Rx in the world. Americans pay around two to six times more than those living in other countries. Fortunately, there are ways to help consumers save money on their medication.

8 Ways To Cut Drug Costs

Prescription medication can be costly for most people. Everyone should have access to the Rx that one needs to stay healthy and alive. However, not all people can afford it. Times may be hard for a lot of people, but one should not be forced to sacrifice more things. Fortunately, there are some ways for us to save money on medications.

1. Try using generic drugs. Americans have access to more generic drugs than what most people think. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generic drugs fill nine out of 10 prescriptions. Generics are drugs that have the same active ingredients as branded medicine. They may be different in terms of some characteristics, but they have the same dosage form, manner of taking it, strength, testing standards, quality, and effects. In short, they are a cheaper option. You can ask your doctor if you can use generics. Your pharmacist would also know the generic equivalent of the branded medicine you are using.

2. Discuss your situation with your doctor. Your doctor knows what is best for your health. Thus, you should inform him or her about your situation. If it is hard for you to afford the prescription drugs, tell them. They might be able to offer alternative ways to lessen the burden on your finances.

• Your doctor may have samples or coupons from drug representatives. He or she might be able to give you these samples

• Ask your doctor if splitting pills is an option. If he says yes, he can prescribe a higher dose, which you can split into two or more. Doing this can help you save money, especially if the price is the same as buying one with a lower dosage. However, you should not do this without the approval of your doctor. You have to be sure that splitting the pill would still have the desired effect. • If you have insurance, you can file for an exception request. Your doctor can help you submit supporting statements or documents.

3. Go to local pharmacies or choose a preferred pharmacy network. Sometimes, independent pharmacies in your area offer cheaper products than big drugstore chains and supermarkets. Check out local companies to see if you can save more with them. Meanwhile, a preferred pharmacy network is composed of a group of chain pharmacies. Some of these networks offer more discounts to people who have insurance plans. The trick is to compare Rx prices before buying. You can call these pharmacies or ask them personally.

4. Take advantage of a membership card. Some pharmacies have in-store prescription clubs. With this program, you can benefit from the lower prices. Ask your pharmacy if they offer such perks and how you can avail them. You can also compare various pharmacies to see which one has the best offer.

5. Apply for assistance programs. Some organizations or pharmaceutical companies offer assistance programs. These programs aim to give free or cheap prescription medications to patients who do not have health insurance or prescription drug coverage. You may need to file some paperwork and ask your doctor for some medical information.

6. Look for free medications. Some supermarket pharmacies offer free medications. All you need to do is show them your doctor’s prescription. Ask your supermarket pharmacy if they have this program. But, you have to take note that these pharmacies do not cover all medications. Among the possible free prescription drugs are antibiotics, prenatal vitamins, and diabetic medications.

7. Use discount coupons or cards. Prescription drug discount cards or coupons are available online. These cards can decrease the cost of your Rx. Find a reliable organization that offers these for free. Make sure your pharmacy honors the discount card before you get one. However, you should also be careful. Do not provide confidential information to any company or organization. USA Rx provides an alternative way to get prescription drugs at a lower price. We have a discount card that is honored in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. It also covers all branded and generic prescriptions that the FDA approved. You do not have to file any paperwork. You can get a prescription drug discount card fast and hassle-free.

8. Compare Rx prices using an app. Various websites and mobile applications, such as that of USA Rx, help you find the best price available for the prescription drug you need. This way, you no longer have to go to different pharmacies to compare prices. You can look at the prices using your phone or computer. Be sure to check out these services so you can choose the one that offers the cheapest medication near you. After checking out the prices, print that discount card and buy the necessary prescription medication from a participating pharmacy.

Published December 6th, 2019 by USA Rx
Fact Checked by
Chris Riley

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