A Canine Cancer Drug Gives Hope To Dog Owners

Published July 4th, 2017 by USA Rx
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Chris Riley

A Canine Cancer Drug Gives Hope To Dog OwnersMuch like humans, dogs can develop cancer. After all, our bodies are more similar than they are different, though these differences are big enough to keep us from using the same treatments on canines that we use on humans. That’s why lymphoma, a relatively common kind of cancer, has been treatable in humans for years but incurable in dogs. Until now, that is.

The new medication is called tanovea-CA1, and it recently passed through the FDA to become the first ever medication approved for use in canine lymphoma. Tanovea was originally developed for use on humans, but it never reached the human testing phase. Instead, the researchers running the trials noticed it worked well on the pets used during animal trials, and so it became a veterinary medicine.

As a canine cancer treatment, tanovea-CA1 has shown some very positive results. Over 80 percent of the dogs used in the final trials showed some level of improvement, and many dogs were able to return to normal lives once the treatments ended.

Thanks to this new drug, many dogs will be able to live for years longer when they normally would have died from this dangerous and painful type of cancer. Our canine companions and other pets don’t get the same amount of medical research and development that drug companies devote to human diseases, so it’s nice to see an important and effective treatment like tanovea become available to veterinarians across the nation.

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