4 Ways To Save On Prescriptions

Published October 15th, 2019 by USA Rx
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4WaysToSaveOnPrescriptionsPeople with ongoing prescriptions for permanent conditions such as chronic pain, diabetes, or a heart condition, have to deal with a significant, ongoing expense of medications for the rest of their lives. This can get very expensive very quickly, but there are a few ways that people can save on prescriptions. Here are some of the more effective tactics.

Buy In Bulk

4WaysToSaveOnPrescriptionsThere’s the old saying that you can save more if you spend more. If you know that you’re going to use a medication regularly, and you have the money available, you save on prescriptions by purchasing your meds in big numbers. Discounts are automatically applied to larger bulk orders versus just buying enough of the dosage for one month. A 90-day prescription will always be cheaper than a 30!

Buy Generics

When a new medication first comes to market, and it’s the only one available, the pharmaceutical manufacturer can charge as much as they like, because there are no other options. Eventually, however, the license to be the sole manufacturer of a medication, under one brand name, expires, and other companies can start manufacturing the same medication.

When you go with generics, such as acetylsalicylic acid, instead of the brand name “Aspirin,” for example, you pay less for those non-brand name, generic meds, because the biggest expense of a brand name medication is the name and packaging itself. The effectiveness of the medicine is identical, so why pay more for the familiarity of packaging and a name?

Comparison Shop

Different pharmacies will charge different prices on the same meds. There’s no regulation how affordable a med has to be, so a pharmacy in an affluent neighborhood, for example, can legally charge 10, 20, even 100% more for meds if they know people are wealthy enough to pay for it and would rather spend more money from their wallet, than time in their car driving elsewhere. However, if you’re willing to compare prices with other pharmacies and travel to those locations, you can often find lower prices than what you’re paying.

Get A Discount Card

If you want a constant discount on the meds you pay, there are some discount cards available, absolutely free, with no subscription required, that can save on prescriptions. One card, for example, is recognized at over 60000 different pharmacists in all 50 states, and has a huge range of discounts on medication, anywhere from 10% to over 70%! If you’re interested in saving that kind of money, check out a discount card for your medication.

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