4 Ways Millennials Can Find The Cheapest Prescriptions

Published January 3rd, 2020 by USA Rx
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4WaysMillennialsCanFindTheCheapestPrescriptions Famed for thinking differently and their love for avocado toast, millennials are beginning to take the wheel in deciding the future for a multitude of industries from real estate to retail. The US healthcare industry, on the other hand, continues to ironically bleed Americans dry regardless of age group, leaving millennials in a pickle to scour for affordable healthcare and medications. Economically crippled by the financial crisis and student loans (and not avocado toast), the millennials generally have less money to spend compared to baby boomers and Generation X.

Because of this, millennials continue to voice out their dissatisfaction with the skyrocketing prices of prescription medications and continue to search for ways to find the cheapest prescriptions as far as their tech-savvy abilities could allow them. Here, we’ll list down five effective ways millennials can find the prescriptions they need on a much friendlier budget.

Get The Health Insurance Plan You Need

4WaysMillennialsCanFindTheCheapestPrescriptionsA common mistake millennials on a budget make while looking for a health insurance plan is automatically going for the insurance plan with the lowest premium. While this does save you money on what you pay every month, remember that low premiums equate to high deductibles. A deductible is an amount you’re required to reach before your health insurance provider pays for your healthcare or medications. Getting a health insurance plan with a high deductible drastically lowers your chances of having access to affordable prescriptions in pharmacies.

Instead of settling for plans with higher deductibles, do your research and think thoroughly about which plan would best cater to your needs. Also, read the fine print of plans available to you and see if you can get anything out of it before reaching your deductible. Do you get free checkups? Free medications? Free visits to the dentist? The more advantages available prior to reaching the plan’s deductible, the better.

Good plans should be able to give you an ample amount of support before deductibles, but these plans often lean towards the pricier side. If you can’t afford the health care plan you need to get affordable medication, you can try alternatives like trustworthy pharmacy discount cards.

Exhaust All Possible Sources

When you’re trying to purchase your prescriptions, don’t settle for the lowest deal you can get from your nearest pharmacy and call it a day. A common reason why so many millennials are failing to save money on their prescriptions is simply because they don’t know which pharmacy can give them the best deal. Put your online research skills to the test and look through online forums that discuss pharmacies in your area, how to get a good deal on the specific prescription drug you need, and other similar topics. These should be able to point you towards the right direction in finding the best pharmacy available to you. I

f the internet isn’t much help, get your information the old-fashioned way by calling all the possible pharmacies within your reach and inquire about the prices for the prescription drugs you need. Don’t forget to ask if you could save more if you buy your prescriptions in bigger quantities, if you could save more by paying cash, or if you could get a discount with a pharmacy discount card. There’s also a variety of mobile applications available that can help you find the cheapest prescriptions directly from your smartphone. When you’re trying to spend a pretty penny, don’t hesitate to exhaust all sources of information available to you. The cheapest prescriptions are out there, you just need an ample amount of research to find them.

Ask Your Doctor The Right Questions

When your doctor’s writing your prescriptions, make sure to always ask enough questions before heading out. Always emphasize to your doctor that you’re looking for the cheapest medications possible. Ask if the prescribed medications on the list have any generic counterparts, and if they do not, ask if there are similarly effective drugs with generic counterparts that they could prescribe instead.

Remember, generic drugs are copies with the exact same effects, dosage, side effects, and strength of branded medications. They work just as well! Unless your doctor says otherwise, they should work just as well! When choosing branded over generic drugs, you’re literally paying for the brand name as you would with luxury handbags and shoes. Big pharma companies are very successful in proliferating the idea that generic drugs are the “lesser” drug counterparts, when in reality they could help you get better at a fraction of the price. To be safe, contact your doctor about the generic drugs available at your pharmacy to check if they’ve positively encountered it before. It won’t hurt to double-check!

Get A Tried And Tested Pharmacy Discount Card

Unlike health insurance plans with hefty premiums, pharmacy discount cards are absolutely free. These handy cards help you save up to 90% on medications, making them one of the most effective methods for finding the cheapest prescriptions on the market. While there are hundreds of pharmacy discount cards out there, not all of them are created equal. Preferably, an excellent option would be to find a pharmacy discount card with thousands of partner pharmacies in the country. This way, you can have access to the cheapest prescriptions even then on the go for business trips or even on vacation.

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