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3 Things To Do To Avoid Health Insurance Scams

3 Things To Do To Avoid Health Insurance ScamsWhile most aspects of the Affordable Care Act are now in effect, many people are still having some trouble understanding how things have changed and what they need to do differently to get and maintain a health plan. This confusion is perfectly understandable considering how large and complicated the ACA is and the way lawmakers keep changing and adding to the law, but confusion also happens to be exactly what scammers and con artists look for in order to take advantage of people.

If you want to avoid falling into a health insurance scam, both the kind that steals your personal information and the kind that promises more than it delivers, you should make sure you follow the following steps when you receive what looks like a tempting offer.

1. Don’t Hurry

While it’s true that you only have a limited window to renew your health insurance or change your plan each year, this window is several months long, which means you should have plenty of time to consider your options. It’s also true that many companies offer limited-time sales that last a week or less, but health insurance companies are much less likely to offer these deals than a department store. Stay calm and don’t let time factor into your decision.

2. Read The Fine

Print Many health insurance scams skirt the edge of the legal system by offering perfectly legal products but then concealing how much the service really covers. A pharmacy discount card could be described as a “supplemental insurance program,” for instance, and a limited insurance plan with a low monthly premium could imply in the advertisement that it covers more situations than it does, or it could “forget” to mention a sky-high deductible you have to pay before coverage kicks in.

3. See What Others Are Saying

It is extremely unlikely that you’re the first person to encounter a specific scam. If other people have noticed it before, they will often describe their experiences with an official complaint to the Better Business Bureau or on an online forum, and one of the many anti-scam websites out there may already know about the company behind the scam.

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