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USA Rx created a free mobile app that provides you with the ability to search, view and compare prescription drug prices at pharmacies in your neighborhood and now available online. It puts a marketplace of prescription savings in the palm of your hand.

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USA Rx Mobile App

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USA Rx App Benefits

Get Free Coupons

USARx coupons can save you up to 75% on your prescriptions at no cost to you.

Save to my RX

Track prices and get notified with the latest saving alerts for your prescriptions.

Show To Your Pharmacist

It’s easy, just show the USARx app to your pharmacist when picking up your prescription.

What USA Rx App Users are Saying

Just to let you know, my discount card saved me about $80 – $90 dollars on my prescription. Thank you, USA Rx!

Karen P., Registered Nurse, Boca Raton, FL

I used my prescription drug discount card from USA Rx for the first time yesterday at CVS, and I’m so glad I did – it took almost $40 off of my prescription meds! This was especially helpful to me, since my medications are very expensive – but with the coupon discount, it wound up being less expensive than my insurance co-pay.

Jerome M., Retired Sanitation Worker, Maspeth, NY

Picked up my meds this past weekend and crunched the numbers: although I paid $33, I saved over $90 total using the discounts – thanks USA Rx!

Rob B., College Student, Boston, MA

Introducing Smart-Adherence Technology

With today’s technology advances and the growing number of people owning smart-phones, adherence technology should be smart, personalized, mobile, and engaging. Meet our adherence solution, Dr. Wellme, a super-genius medical assistant available at the touch of a button!

Dr. Wellme is our natural-conversational chatbot powered with cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence. Dr. Wellme can identify, engage, and address patients’ reasons for non-adherence. Dr. Wellme provides the support and encouragement needed to stay on the path to better health. 

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